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Passionate About Racing

DRS was built to satisfy the dream of becoming a pro race car driver.

Like most kids, Andrew’s dream was to race cars. However, he always found himself short of money and was never a part of the racing community to make his dream a reality. Putting childhood dreams aside, he pursued his passion for audio and set out to build the best car audio shop in the country. After many years, Andrew eventually surrounded himself with the right combination of talented people who also shared his passion for audio. Over the years that followed, Elevated Audio brought home awards for Best Customer Experience and Customer’s Choice Award out of all shops in North America. After those accomplishments, Andrew refocused on his childhood dream. Unfortunately, a new challenge arose. Even with the bit of extra money he earned and the incredible network of automotive enthusiasts he now knew, he quickly realized the time commitment of the sport was still a massive barrier while having a young daughter and wife, both of which do not share the same passion for sitting in hot parking lots and race tracks on the weekends! With weekdays still reserved for the Elevated Audio client list and weekends reserved for roller skating and other family fun, Andrew knew any racecar he purchased would inevitably sit idle, collecting dust in the garage. So instead, he took the savings initially destined for the car and invested it into an idea he designed to allow him to race on his own schedule with others like himself.

DRS is Born

Simulated racing was Andrew’s best option to fill the need to compete and drive fast. Knowing no sim could recreate a 100% actual vehicle experience, Andrew set out on a mission to find the closest thing possible to the real thing. This is when he saw the Force Dynamics 401CR. This was not a sim; this was a professional racing machine! With its four-axis movement powered by the fastest servo sets on the market, the 401CR promised to deliver an exceptional driving experience. Andrew knew he found the machine he’d want to race in and share with others. Discovering Elevated Audio’s full potential was only realized once the team’s passions aligned; it was clear that the DRS member base would need to be composed of only the most passionate drivers and those who push each other to be their best. DRS is a community of drivers at its core. Its facility in Denver serves as the permanent spot for members to join together on their own time to share in conversation and a few laps around their favorite tracks. If you share in the same passion, please submit your request today to join the club.